Gavin Scott | 2017 May
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murder on the orient express (1)
Tea with Agatha Christie? You’re kidding!

To say I'm flattered to be compared on to Agatha Christie by the former chairman of EMI, the company which produced Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile is MAJOR understatement. But sometimes you just have to roll with the punches ...

East Park Memories

I was enormously lucky to grow up in a house on Summergangs Road in East Hull, because it backed on to one of the most magical places in the city: East Park. You could get to it from our tiny back garden just by wriggling under the wooden fence, and once there the imaginative child was in a cornucopia of delight. Even today, in far away Southern California, whenever I think of the great floral clock in the middle of the park, and remember the scent of the Sweet William...

Mystery Readers Blog visit
Exploring the roots of the Baby Boomer Era

Janet Rudolph, on her excellent website Mystery Readers Inc, got me to write about why I decided to explore the second half of the 1940's in my detective novels, and in answering the question, I discovered some things I didn't know when I began! Here's the link:  ...

The Big Dog speaks!

A big shout out to the kind people who have begun reviewing #AgeOfOlympus @TitanBooks on Amazon - and particularly to New York Times Best Selling author Bruce Cameron with a hit movie based on his delightful "A Dog's Purpose". Here's hoping at least some of his millions of readers follow his wise lead into the world of Duncan Forrester!...

Crime Review AOO Review
The Crime Review spots the Young Indiana Jones connection!

Title: The Age of Olympus Series: Duncan Forrester Book Number: 2 Read this book for: detailed historical setting, post-WWII espionage, whodunnit mystery, archaeologist adventurers, romance subplot, multiple murders Quick Review: Even better than the first outing, this book fuses Christie-style whodunnit with the archaeology of Indiana Jones for a suspenseful adventure in Greece.   THE AGE OF OLYMPUS is the SECOND of the Duncan Forrester novels by Gavin Scott, following shortly after the events of THE AGE OF TREACHERY. THE AGE OF OLYMPUS takes Forrester to Greece, where he had spent a portion of the Second...