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Paul McCartney’s Step-Mum interviews me!

I've just had a blast being interviewed about #AgeofExodus by Angie McCartney and her daughter Ruth from their secret studio in Playa del Rey. They were great andYou can see the results here.

Age of Exodus Cover
My Amazon URL!

I've just discovered the Author URL for my Amazon author page! Here it is! Do visit for the latest news on #AgeofExodus, the latest Duncan Forrester mystery thriller featuring Ernest Bevin, the creation of Israel and a Sumerian demon!...

Age of Exodus Cover

I've just done belated replies to a number of nice letters people sent about my various projects, belated because I haven't had time to update the website over the last few months for the following reasons. 1.I've been preparing The Age of Exodus, my third Duncan Forrester thriller, for publication this September. It's set in 1947 and involves an ancient Sumerian demon, British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, a ship called Exodus and the creation of Israel. 2. I've been writing The Age of Orwell, the fourth Duncan Forrester thriller, featuring George Orwell as...