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25 Jan

Jules Verniana

Here are some of the colourful colours used to help make Verne's works bestsellers in 19th century France. His publisher Hetzel certainly had a flair for the eye-catching. I'm sure these jackets had the same sort of impact as the covers of Tintin comic books have in France today. ...

25 Jan

Jules Verne – New Zealand article

Article From Hawke's Bay Herald Tribune, New Zealand Scriptwriter Gavin Scott has always had a passion for history. Even as a kid growing up in Hawke's Bay he would "plunge into the history books at Havelock North Library". That interest has manifested itself in his work of the past decade, writing television and movie scripts for the likes of George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Disney and HBO. Tonight Scott's television series The Secret Adventures of Jutes Verne starts on Prime Television. Scott had read a biography of Verne and discovered that his 20,000 Leagues Under...

25 Jan

Jules Verne Episode Commentary

Commentary By GAVIN SCOTT CREATOR, THE SECRET ADVENTURES OF JULES VERNE Welcome to the world of Jules Verne: or at least, our might-have-been version of it. The idea for this show came to me when I read that Jules Verne had written an original version of “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” that was significantly different from the one we know. It was about a Polish nobleman whose family had been massacred by the Russians during the suppression of an uprising, and who built a submarine to take revenge. Jules’ publisher, Hetzel, knew he had...

20 Jan

Going Viral

Going Viral is the story of what happens to a San Fernando Valley teenager after a disaster in a Large Hadron Collider opens the gateway between our universe and others. Turns out these other universes are where all the creatures who populate human mythology and folklore originally came from, and now angels, demons, goblins, doppelgangers, talking trees, gods, goddesses and monsters of every description are turning up in the most unexpected places – not least the San Fernando Valley. Washington has set up the Department of Homeland Singularity to deal with it...

17 Jan

Ghosts of Malibu

I often go hiking in Rustic Canyon in the Santa Monica mountains, and came across the ruins of what was, in the 1930’s and 40’s, a huge, secret fortified encampment of Nazi agents and sympathisers. Which led to the purchase of a large black hat and the creation, with my friend cinematographer Arthur Albert, of the following ghost story … Episode 1 ...

13 Jan

The Adventures of Ed & Hen

The Adventures of Edward and Henrietta - Intro & Chapter 1 I used some of the odder figures from my toy collection and a still camera to shoot twelve short films recounting the epic saga of two small Victorian children as they explore the Wild West, meet a tribe of Lost Vikings, battle with Aliens, and with occasional interjections from Sherlock Holmes, save Queen Victoria herself from the clutches of Captain Nemo. In short -  Jules Verne had met Monty Python. Click here to watch the next episode....