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13 Apr

The Age of Olympus

 The Age of Olympus is my second novel about Duncan Forrester, the Oxford archeologist and former SOE operative who returns from the Second World War searching for a peaceful existence and finds himself caught up in the great events which shaped the post-war world. He first appeared in The Age of Treachery, set in early 1946, in which he found himself racing across Europe trying to save a friend wrongly accused of murder, and among the real life characters who appeared there was Thor Heyerdahl, Ian Fleming and the young Margaret...

10 Apr

The Age Of Olympus arrives!

My author copies of the new Duncan Forrester adventure, The Age of Olympus, have now arrived and I'm going around with a huge grin on my face because they look so great! Titan Books have done a great job and Los Angeles' best independent bookstore, Book Soup on Sunset Boulevard, have agreed to host the official launch at 7pm on April 20th. All welcome! PS: it's set in Greece in 1946! #AgeOfOlympus #Book Soup @TitanBooks...

08 Apr

Avocados vs the Robots

According to the Times, the inventor of a robot salad maker designed to replace restaurant staff has admitted defeat because robots can’t handle avocados. Who knew humans would be saved from the rise of the robots by a Mexican fruit?! #Robots #AgeOfOlympus @TitanBooks...

07 Apr

Faking Michelangelo

There's a delicious story in today's London Times giving pretty conclusive evidence that the "1520" portrait of Michelangelo as painted by Sebastiano now being shown as part of a big exhibition in Britain's National Gallery was actually created in about 1959! Egg (tempera) on faces all round, I suspect ...

05 Apr

Miniature Beatles in the Cavern

Here is the first of a series of cigar-box style sculptures I have begun to make, incorporating Beatles figurines I have collected over the years, many of them wonderfully bad! I got these models of the early Beatles, which are made of some kind of metal, in a shop, long since disappeared, in an alley behind Regent Street. No idea who made them, but they fit the Cavern perfectly. #Beatles #AgeOfOlympus @TitanBooks ...

04 Apr

The Beatles Revolutionary Year

I’ve just read Beatles ’66, The Revolutionary Year, a terrific book by Steve Turner about what changed the Beatles between December 1965 and December 1966 as they made the leap from Rubber Soul (1965) via Revolver (1966) to the extraordinary achievements of Sergeant Pepper in 1967. On Rubber Soul, Turner points out, 13 of the 14 songs were about love: but on Revolver, 9 of the 14 were about other things entirely, starting, of course, with Taxman. And then came Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields … Most of the book is...

08 Mar

18th Century Movie Mogul

This amazing drawing by an eighteenth century French artist called Edme Bouchardon reveals a woman who was clearly going around Paris in the reign of Louis the Fifteenth showing movies. She’s winding a barrel organ and carrying a portable projector on her back - and presumably a portable screen in the box. Here’s one of the actual projectors from that era she might be using, and another with the slides inserted. #AgeofOlympus @TitanBooks And we are talking about movies: if you slid the glass plate back and forward it did look...