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16 Jun

Fascinating find at the Long Beach Flea Market

Splendidly drawn top-shot/floor plan of a house in "Mr. Ree" - a 1937 precursor to "Clue" (1949). Beautiful colors! Here's what says about it: This game is planned to give you all the thrills and excitement of a true detective mystery. More than that, the game gives you an opportunity to play an exciting part in the creation of the plot, and the thrill of actually playing Detective; an eagerly sought opportunity to solve a baffling crime committed right under your very nose. And, amazing as it may seem, the plot...

20 May

The Age of Treachery

I'm pleased to announce that on April 16th 2016 Titan Books  in the UK and Random House in the US are publishing  the first in my series of detective thrillers about Duncan Forrester, former SOE operative  and ancient historian whose adventures, starting in 1946, will chronicle the creation of the postwar world. As the book begins, Duncan Forrester, having spent six years in the most dangerous actions of the war against Hitler, is back in war-weary Britain.  All he wants to do is forget the terror and the tragedy and get...

16 Apr

Absolutely Luxurious

The next location yesterday was in a luxury apartment building just across the river from St Paul’s, which Kate’s lunatic American suitor Grant has rented it as their love nest. Before we go inside, Terry decides he needs a quiet expresso in the coffee shop opposite. Well, sort of quiet. Production Designer Jim Acheson can see him though the coffee shop window, so he pops in to consult on the strange device he’s building in said apartment with which to torment Simon Pegg … And our editor, Julian Rodd, who’s normally at...

16 Apr

Absolutely Outrageous Sports Car

Today we are deep in Old London Town, a few minutes walk from Waterloo station, in a street full of lovely nineteenth century workmen’s dwellings – replete with so many chimneys it feels like the set of Peter Pan.  It’s here that Rob Riggle, playing the part of Simon Pegg’s rival for the love of Kate Beckinsale, will try to lure her into his clutches with a sports car that would make your eyes water. (Worth $250,000, and kindly provided by McLarens)  It certainly drew the paparazzi (well, our stars had something...