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07 Nov

Park in Danger

As the end of Santa Monica airport nears, some people are trying to overturn the massive local vote to turn it into a park by pushing for the land to be used for housing - so I made a video which I hope will alert people to what's going on. You can check it out on ...

18 Oct

Talking to Martin Scorsese about his latest movie

Last night I had the privilege of conducting the BAFTA/LA interview with Marty, his cinematographer Rodriego Pieto and his casting directors about his wonderful new movie, Killers of the Flower Moon, which I unreservedly reccommend to anyone who loves cinema, social justice and American history. He and his team were a delight to talk to and the three hours of the movie sped past, with amazing performances by Leonardo de Caprio, Robert de Niro and Lily Gladstone. Thank you Mr. Scorsese! ...

17 Dec

Toby at Christmas!

My heart was just warmed by this lovely response from Ruth Deeley: "Hooray for Toby Wey. What a wonderful romp through understandable history - you have given me 10 days of utter joy and to hell with shopping cooking or making the bed, I only wanted to get back to turning the page." Thank you, Ruth: I do like to think it's the ideal Christmas present! Like Comment Share ...

07 Sep

Blade Runner producer backs Toby Wey

Michael Deeley, producer of The Italian Job, Blade Runner, and The Deer Hunter, among many other films, responded today to The Adventures of Toby Wey: "I have just finished Toby Wey which is thrilling, moving and wonderful in every way - I have had a such a good time reading it!" Thank you, Michael!     ...

31 Aug

McCartneys rave about Toby Wey!

Just had a fabulous interview with Paul McCartney's step-sister Ruth and his step-mother Angie about The Adventures of Toby Wey, which they love ​ If you want to check it out, here's the link. "" Enjoy! PS: And to get the book directly either as Kindle, paperback or Audiobook, from Amazon, here's the link to that too:  ...

28 Jul

Amazing review for The Adventures of Toby Wey from The Online Book Club

“The Adventures of Toby Wey, written by Gavin Scott, is a spellbinding historical adventure novel set in the early 19th century. It blends historical events with a tale that is nothing short of mesmerizing. From the very first page, the action simply doesn’t quit, and even the slower scenes simmer with intrigue. A magnificently crafted coming-of-age story and a gripping tale of adventure and triumph against long odds that I can definitely see myself rereading many times in the future.”  ...

20 Jul

Enthusiastic reviews for Toby Wey

More critic praise for The Adventures of Toby Wey, my romantic coming-of-age adventure set in pre-Victorian England, featuring Charles Dickens and the birth of the railways. “Loved it! The wonderfully told story of Toby Wey, who from humble origins has an adventurous, character-filled life, surviving by living on his wits. Always entertaining and full of adventure, this is just the sort of story that I would want my boy to read. Highly enjoyable.” Rachel Deeming, Reedsy Discovery * “Reminiscent of Huck Finn, The Adventures of Toby Wey is an exceptional read … a story...