Gavin Scott | 2017 October
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Blade Runner 2049

Great fun this weekend at the Cary Grant Theatre on the Sony lot doing a BAFTA Q & A about Blade Runner 2049 with actors Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, director Denis Villeneuve, Cinematographer Roger Deakins, Production Designer Denis Gassner and VFX Superivsor John NelsonĀ  - the brilliant people who made this terrific movie. ...

Absolutely Anything on Netflix

Happy to report that Absolutely Anything, the film I wrote with Terry Jones, is now on Netflix in the USA, starring Simon Pegg, Kate Beckinsale, Eddie Izzard, Rob Riggle, Sanjeev Bhaskar and Joanna Lumley and featuring the Pythons as the Galactic Council of Supreme Beings. And Robin Williams as The Dog. Oh, and I'm reading the news. 90 minutes of pure silliness guaranteed....