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20 Feb The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne

The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne had a long genesis. I originally wrote a screenplay about Jules Verne and Captain Nemo called “Nemo and Me”; this aroused some interest in the UK, where I was then living, but no sales. The executive of an American company then visiting London asked me to write a second Jules Verne feature which she said her boss would soon be in a position to pay for. I plunged into it, but of course the promised funding never came through. I was, however, able to sell an option on this second screenplay, called Ring of Fire, to producer Pierre Spengler (who made the 3 Musekteers movies) as a project for Richard Lester, who loved it. The finances for this never came together, however, despite their best efforts. It was this screenplay, however, that I submitted to George Lucas when he was recruiting writers for the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, and helped me get that gig. Years later, living in the States by now, I disucssed the idea of turning the concept into a television series with producer/director Pierre de Lespinois. He was enthusiastic, provided me with the equipment and an editor to make a trailer, and began the long task of raising the money, which ultimately led us to Talisman Films in England and finally to Canada, where the series was shot.

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