Gavin Scott | Enthusiastic reviews for Toby Wey
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20 Jul Enthusiastic reviews for Toby Wey

More critic praise for The Adventures of Toby Wey, my romantic coming-of-age adventure set in pre-Victorian England, featuring Charles Dickens and the birth of the railways.
“Loved it! The wonderfully told story of Toby Wey, who from humble origins has an adventurous, character-filled life, surviving by living on his wits. Always entertaining and full of adventure, this is just the sort of story that I would want my boy to read. Highly enjoyable.”
Rachel Deeming, Reedsy Discovery
“Reminiscent of Huck Finn, The Adventures of Toby Wey is an exceptional read … a story about family, friends, love, adventure, and most of all, learning.”
Literary Titan
“Novelist, screenwriter, and film producer Scott has had a rollicking good time constructing this complex, Dickensian narrative that stars a delightful protagonist in visually elaborate, action-filled adventure. The author is a meticulous writer who enjoys playing with readers by dropping vivid historical factoids into an entertaining tale with rich historical details and an appealing hero.”
Kirkus Reviews
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