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10 Apr Absolutely Anything Author Demolition

A busy morning today as we prepare to film a scene in a TV studio in which Joanna Lumley, as a ruthless book programme presenter, eviscerates a hapless author while our heroine Catherine looks on, appalled. We’d written Joanna’s introductory remarks but stopped there, because we’ll then cut to the control room next door in which Catherine is harassed by her oily boss, played by Robert Bathurst of Downton Abbey fame.

But what Terry realised in the early hours of the morning was that Joanna’s interview with the author will have to continue during Catherine’s scene, happening on the other side of the glass – and somebody (i.e. me) needs to write it, Terry having one or two other things on his hands. So I have the fun of creating a withering set of questions for Joanna in which she rips the poor writer to pieces, which she does with alarming gusto, ending with said novelist burying his head in his hands and weeping copiously, just as we had intended, and Joanna gazing at him like a lioness who has just devoured her prey.

Every now and then we writers have to let people know just how hard life is for us …

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