Gavin Scott | Absolutely Anything Day 11
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07 Apr Absolutely Anything Day 11

town hall ext

Our day on location at Woolwich Town Hall got off to a disastrous start, as the handle on a box broke, and the box fell to the ground, emptying its contents, which consisted of 140 portions of bacon, sausages, mushrooms, eggs and baked beans – in short complete breakfasts for 140 crew and extras– all over the pavement. At 7 am on a cold, wet morning the only blessing was that the thirty (repeat thirty) dogs we also had on set weren’t around to pounce joyfully on the fallen bacon, sausages &c and roll around till they were covered in baked beans. But the dog owners and handler kept everything under control, the extras (and even the crew) were remarkably patient, and the caterers improvised brilliantly – with the help of massive orders from the nearest MacDonalds. And so we can proceed with the dream sequence which opens the film – in which Neil (Simon Pegg) receives an award for his brilliant first novel from the beautiful Catherine (Kate Beckinsale).

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