Gavin Scott | Absolutely Anything Day 12 Part Two
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08 Apr Absolutely Anything Day 12 Part Two

One of the delights of filming is when everybody jumps in a van and roars off somewhere to check something, as we did this morning. It was the bridge over archway where something VERY IMPORTANT will happen towards the end of the movie. And the view was terrific.

terry on bridge

After which Terry found another cool place to shoot.

terry on steps

 Then we jumped in the van again and went down to Archway to plan a scene in which … well, it involves irrational admirers of one of our characters. And Terry demonstrated very vividly just how enthusiastic those admirers should be …

terry arm across

terry performs

Had the weather not been so freezing cold, I think we would have drawn a crowd. As it was, it was a SHORT meeting. It’s amazing how efficiently even creative discussions can be conducted when everybody wants to get back in the van!

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