Gavin Scott | Absolutely Anything Day 13
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08 Apr Absolutely Anything Day 13

terry directs bus

Today we got our own bus to play with. Well, the loan of a bus, which we fill with extras who gaze in astonishment at a very disheveled Simon (explanations later) as he magically appears, jumps off and runs down the road past the bus stop. But there’s a problem: we’ve been provided with the wrong sort of bus stop.

bus stop reject

And though another sort of bus stop can be provided, it won’t be here for forty five minutes. I’m afraid I must own up to consoling Terry by pointing out that though most of us have experienced waiting for a bus, very few people except him have had to wait for a bus stop.

bus stop

But when it arrives our line producer Margarita Doyle is able to cap this, because it seems the request for a replacement bus stop has gone out twice, and after our wait, as with buses, she predicts that three bus stops will now arrive at once.

hailing bus


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