Gavin Scott | More insights into 1946 from David Kynaston (Austerity Britain)
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25 Apr More insights into 1946 from David Kynaston (Austerity Britain)


“Britain in 1945. A land of orderly cues, hat doffing men walking on the outside, seats given up to the elderly, no swearing in front of women and children, censored books, censored films, censored place, infinite repression of desires. Divorce for most an unthinkable social disgrace, marriage too often a lifetime sentence …  Marriage is seldom companionable, with husbands and wives living in separate, self-contained spheres, the husband often not telling the wife how much she earned … Children in the street to act off by strangers, children in the street kept an eye on by strangers, children at home rarely consulted, children stopped being children when they left school at 14 and got a job. A land of hierarchical social assumptions, of accent and dress as giveaways of loss … A land of domestic hobbies and domestic pets.. A deeply conservative land.”

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