Gavin Scott | Progress at the airport!
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28 Mar Progress at the airport!

Some of you may remember my video diary last month urging Santa Monica City Council to remove as soon as possible the parked planes from the part of Santa Monica Airport to make way for a park.


This is what the first 6 acres looked like not long after the video, as photographed by my friend and fellow campaigner Michael Brodsky.

parked planes

Here’s Michael’s picture of what the same 6 acres looks like today. Bravo our council, plus Rick Cole and Nelson Hernandez!

unpraked planes

And here’s what I’d personally like to see when park designer Mark Rios has got rid of the asphalt!

california park

The jets are still flying in, and there are still over 200 acres to be clawed back from the FAA,  but as the poet Robert Browning once said, A man’s reach must exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?

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