Gavin Scott | Absolutely Anything Day 12
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08 Apr Absolutely Anything Day 12

Coming back from our location day in Woolwich, this slightly run-down old ex-school is beginning to be like home – a home with a very large family in it, with people saying greeting each other from the Camera Department, the Art Department, Production, Hair and Make Up and Sound, jokes doing the rounds, stories being exchanged, and the benign figure of Terry, holding tight to his storyboards, moving with a kind of (generally) serene determination through it all. Today he and I go up to the room where the editing is taking place, where our Editor Julian shows us scenes of Simon and Kate together (interrupted by embarrassing off-screen shouts from Dennis the Talking Dog) which work beautifully, the comedy suddenly coming alive as we go into close-ups on Kate’s bewildered face and Simon’s desperate one as he improvises wildly to explain Dennis’ appalling remarks. And the images themselves look great, glowing on the big HD monitors in all their digital glory.

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